Google Advertising

for Businesses

Have you ever needed a specific service quick, “Googled” the nearest “Tire Place” closest to your location and pick one of the first three choices Google throws at you?
If you have. then you’ve been a victim of Google’s paid advertising. Businesses are paying Google for their ad to appear in front of users who are actively searching for their service. This is called Google Pay Per Click Advertising and it has been effective in driving sales for businesses ever since Google launched the right to advertise on its platform.

How do I make money from Google Advertising?
You first have to figure out how much an average customer would be worth to you and then figure out how much you want to spend to obtain that person looking for your service, hence the “pay for click.” For example, if you’re Tire shop and your average customer spends $100, you wouldn’t mind spending $5.00 on a click if you knew 1 out of every 5 people clicking on your ad are going to convert into a customer that’s paying $100.00 per visit.

How much does Google advertising cost?
You set your budget prior to each month and then Marketing Done Fast will cap your budget once the amount is spent. For example, you can plan to advertise with a budget of $500 per month and cap your spend at $15.00 dollars a day until you reach $500.00. In addition, you get charged per click. Meaning every time someone sees your ad, shows interest and then clicks your ad you will get charged a certain amount for every click; no matter if they purchase from you or not.

Google Advertising is Easy –
We hold all the knowledge and “know how” about Google advertising, so the good news is that you leave all this digital marketing up to Marketing Done Fast and we’ll get things taken care of. Sit back, relax, contact us today and watch results start to happen rather quickly.

If you are interested in generating leads, call-ins, emails, video views, website clicks, walk-ins and more, then Contact us Today to advertise the fast & smart way through Google Advertising.