Online marketing tips 2017

Huge Online Marketing Tips for 2017

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Effective Online Marketing in 2017

Piggy Back on Trendsonline marketing

Every hour, millions of people are searching on “Google” for a popular or viral topics. It could be Justin Bieber’s new hair-do or a NFL football teams recent draft; whatever the trending topic is, you can leverage it to create related content that boosts your own exposure. Your article or content could go just as viral as its corresponding trending topic. Use “Google Trends” to see what’s hot at any moment!

Mark Your Territoryonline marketing

Include Your Logo or Tag on Your Images.
Did you take a unique photo or create unique meme? If so, brand your creation ASAP. If your image goes viral or others use it for their marketing purposes, you want to still be able to get credit for your work and hopefully gain more exposure for your brand.

Sell Something Online!Shopify marketing

Shopify is an easy eCommerce tool in which you can use to sell products related to your brand! It even comes with an analytics dashboard which shows you the customers buying process.

Spice Up Your Contenthot marketing

The attention span of online users is becoming shorter and… “You still there?”
Write specifically for your audience, but engage them in what they would find interesting for their demographic.

Be Friends with a YouTuberyoutube influencer marketing

Hire a YouTube “Influencer” to get your message across to your audience or co-promote your brand. With millennials spending 11.3 hours weekly watching free online videos compared to 8.3 hours for TV, your best bet is to work with select “Youtubers” with thousands of subscribers and advertise to their already existing fan base. Contact Us Today if you want to find the right “Youtube Influencer” to pair with and advertise through.

Update Your CTA Buttonscta marketing

Update those old and rusty “Call to Action” Buttons on your site. It’s statistically proven that user click more when the word “Get” is on your button. For example, “Get More Info” is more compelling than a “More Information Here” button. Marketing Done Fast can assist you in web strategy and placement of the buttons on your site to increase sales or traffic.

Advertise on Facebook and Instagram facebook marketing

It’s time to get with the times and convert to using one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing platforms made in the 21st Century! Use Facebook marketing and show ads to whatever area or demographic you’d like. Use Instagram advertising if your business or service is visually appealing. We have created many Facebook ads for our clients and also provide our customers assistance when they’re creating their own Facebook ads.

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