Why Advertise Your Franchise Opportunity on Facebook

Why Advertise Your Franchise Opportunity on Facebook?

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Why Advertise Your Franchise Opportunity on Facebook?

Facebook is increasingly becoming an effective tool for generating leads that are specifically interested in your franchise opportunity. Marketing Done Fast works with countless franchise brands in different industries to create ads and then collect leads that are interested in becoming franchisees. Averaging 10 – 30 potential franchisee leads per $500 worth of ad spend, Marketing Done Fast presents you with 3 reasons “Why You Should Advertise Your Franchise on Facebook.”

Your Franchise Will Stand Out

Nobody should want to be a part of a crowd that decreases their chances of further success and this should stand true for a franchisor. When you place your ad with franchise lead generation sites, your franchise offering gets lost in the crowd of other franchise and business opportunities. You should want your franchise opportunity ad to break free from the crowd and start attracting all the attention and leads it deserves!
Advertising on Facebook allows you to present your franchise opportunity to users who are not actively searching for you, but give your ad undivided attention if capturing their interest.

Keeping Up With Your Target Audience.

Most likely the person you’d like to sell a franchise to, is scrolling through Facebook looking at pictures of their friends and family or reading trending news articles. As of the second quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion monthly active users. This is where you should be advertising your amazing business opportunity. If interested, your target audience sees your ad and has the time to quickly scan your offering and make a decision on whether they’d like to inquire or not.
Facebook is that effective platform used to reach your audience when they have enough free time to think about the benefits of buying a franchise.

It’s Cost Effective.

Cost effective Franchise Leads
Cost effective Franchise Leads

If you create an “effective” ad, advertising on Facebook is cheaper in comparison to franchise lead generation sites. Certain franchise lead gen sites may charge you $40 per lead with the possibility of some leads being “spam bots” or extremely unqualified, but with Facebook it’s likely you generate 2-5 franchise buyer leads with $40 ad spend. If Facebook sees your audience is engaging, commenting and inquiring about your ad, Facebook will charge you less money per lead. Facebook treats “user engagement” as as one of their top priorities and rewards engaging ads by decreasing its cost per click, view or lead.

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